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Black Jack "21"

BLACK JACK "21" Play 21 but don't bust!

Casinos do not win money. They earn it. With the exception of free odds playing craps, every bet made on a casino table game has a built in cost. Roulette layouts have one or two zeros giving the house an edge. Crap tables BAR-two sixes, Baccarat takes a 5% commission on winning bank bets. For many years the "edge" for Black Jack was considered to be over 5%. The "experts" including John Scarne would quote these figures. Up to the 1960s there was little reason to dispute these "21" figures. The casino hold was commonly 25% of the casino drop. Players would play to hunches when they had a decision to make. The games popularity was luke warm at best. A few players seemed to "know something". they won so consistently they had to wear a disguise in order to play. Then a mathematics professor from New Mexico developed a system he claimed could beat the tables in Las Vegas. In March of 1964 Life Magazine ran a nine page story about Edward O. Thorpe and his "UNBEATABLE SYSTEM". Black Jack was changed forever. Today's player has studied the game. They have learned to play a Basic Strategy and a large percentage are attempting to "Count" The casino hold is commonly under 20%. You don't have to feel sorry for the poor old house. 17% of ten million is a lot greater than 25% of one million. Now the public believes it has a chance to win and Black Jack has become by far the most popular of all casino table games. Casinos must now protect themselves from the few (perhaps a hundred or two world wide) counters who are capable of putting a dent into their profits. The millions of would be counters who don't have the talent to beat the game have helped produce the explosion of casino net profit. In an attempt to help you derive your best dollar value for your Black Jack play I will present a typical scenario for you to follow. You can adjust this example to your own situation.(If you are one of the talented counters who can overcome the game, you need not read any further) You are coming to a resort hotel casino for a three day stay. You have decided to risk up to $1,200 playing "21".You plan to play twice a day and want to receive full value for your play. Only if you have the discipline not to exceed the $1,