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Thoroughbred Horse Racing can be fascinating, exciting and extremely costly. The ponies are really my first love. I literally lived on the racetrack, worked in the stable area, owned and trained thoroughbreds, and experienced first hand the full cycle for a game that's generally refereed to as the sport for "Kings & Queens." If you're thinking about making a living by betting on the Ponies you're probably going to need a Kings bankroll, with the Queens backup. The only way to beat the Ponies is with a "Stick," and you can take that to any bank.

You can win a race, but you can't beat the races. During my lifetime I have known or met the top handicappers throughout the world. Four of them were marvels, sometimes you would have to wonder, can these guys really speak with the ponies? There was "Mop Top," "Chink," "The Indian," "The Bald Eagle," "Speed Boys,." and the Grand Master of them all has to be JAY CLARK, from Southern California. If a bookie was foolish, and reckless, Jay Clark would punch them out in quick order. A marvelous horseman, with a brilliant mind! There were others, however the fellows that I've mentioned were pure classics. They were able to win on a fairly consistent basis, but they wouldn't play THROUGH THE PARI-MUTUEL MACHINES. They knew better, and now you do TOO!

Several of the Las Vegas Race Books advertise quiet boldly: "NON-LIMIT PARI-MUTUEL HORSE WAGERING & FULL TRACK ODDS" They will absolutely accept any size wager that your foolish enough to place, and you will receive full track odds if you win, but here's what they don't tell you. They're not booking your bet. First when you fade the machines they swallow anywhere from about 18% and up to about 25% for exotic wagering from the get-go. Pari-Mutuel wagering is booked by you and the other PLAYERS, not the HOUSE. The book guarantees payment and that's it. The higher you play the less return you will have on your wager because your bet(s) directly affects the odds of your horse(s).

Those are the basics. and if you venture out to the Race Tracks they hit you with an admission charge. As I mentioned, betting on the ponies can be exciting and more, but keep in mind that unless you are strictly playing for mere pleasure or the thrill of watching your favorite horse trying to get to the winning wire first, you're not going to beat the ponies unless you bring along a "Stick".

Be careful, and a friendly reminder, "When You Don't Know Where Your Going, Any Road Will Get You There"

Good Luck.

Frank Rosenthal

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